Every dancer is beautiful. Elizabeth Ann simply helps you get your photo proof.

Photography model, Middle Eastern teacher, performer, and costumer, Elizabeth Ann, will teach at your workshop how to apply the perfect makeup for dancers from subtle to the outrageous and exotic. The photos generated at her workshops are fitting for business cards, dance photo portfolios, websites, and even the cover of magazines! (For examples of photos created at these workshops, go to the photo gallery to the left & also Ruby Jazayre’s website:   www.rubyjazayre.com/gallery/10.html  and see Ruby on the cover of the June, 2003 Zagareet issue where the photo was taken at Elizabeth Ann’s makeup and photography workshop using the backdrop she designed: www.rubyjazayre.com/zaghareet3.pdf )

Elizabeth Ann is a graduate of Tiffany’s School of  Modeling and is certified in Advanced Photography Modeling. She has professionally modeled in such venues as a Tea Room Model for the California Boutique, for professional photographers for their business advertisements, and assisted backstage with the models’ outfit changes and assembly for such high fashion shows as Blocks.

After modeling, Elizabeth Ann returned to bellydancing. She designed her own business cards and created a dance photo portfolio such as is required for models and actresses. Her husband photographer and she have traveled to such unusual places for her professional belly dance shoots as Maui, St. Martens, Curacao, San Juan Islands, Cancun Mexico, Vancouver and Toronto Canada, Los Vegas, Freeport and Nassau Bahamas, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, on a glacier covered volcano, and many more. (To see some of Elizabeth Ann’s photos click on the gallery to the left.)

But Elizabeth Ann was surprised and saddened to see that so many of her dance sisters lacked the training on how to apply make up for the changing and varied lighting conditions. Their faces would be unrecognizably blanched on the bellydance show video. Others only knew stage makeup, which is too harsh for most bellydance venues. Few had photos of the professional quality suitable for business cards and promotional flyers. Almost none had a dance photo portfolio such as used by models and other dance professionals. The cost of professional photographers was simply out of reach for most dancers.

Elizabeth Ann therefore drew upon her modeling career and developed a unique workshop for teaching performance and photography makeup especially for dancers. The workshop is jammed-packed with information and she provides several handouts. She teaches a fusion of many make up techniques such as used in runway modeling, photography modeling, glamour photography, and performance makeup for dancers. Her technique allows for the perfect look whether you are performing on a grand stage, intimate stage, restaurant, or outdoor festival dancing, as well as still and video/digital photography.

The workshop begins with a most detailed demonstration on how to apply conservative makeup then progresses to the most lavish. The workshop includes such topics as selecting the right colors for you, treating and concealing acne, highlighting your best features, rejuvenating the mature dancer, applying the American Tribal Tatooed look, eyelining like an Egyptian, creating luscious lips and those WOW! stand out eyes and much more. Students are invited to bring their own makeup and mirror and apply makeup along with Elizabeth Ann as she demonstrates how to apply the various techniques and styles of makeup artistry. She then provides personalized attention at the students’ requests. The makeup portion of the workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.

But getting beautiful is only half the fun! Next comes the photo shoot! At her direction, a photo backdrop is assembled. No two backdrops are alike and your workshop’s photo backdrop will be uniquely yours and harmonizing for the dance theme.

Elizabeth Ann next explains the tricks that models use to get a great photograph and then demonstrates poses flattering for different body types. Students are invited to adorn their dance finery and then actually model for their own photo shoot with the professional make up they have applied themselves during the first portion of the workshop. Elizabeth Ann is there to help as needed on a one to one basis. The photographs may be taken by the attendees themselves or by a local professional photographer hired by the workshop hostess. When using your own camera, the negatives / digital images are your property and may be reproduced and altered at your will.

For more information about this one of a kind workshop, please contact Elizabeth Ann at: geist-dancer@sbcglobal.net  Be sure to type in a subject in the "re" box of your e-mail so that the webmaster does not think you are spam! Thank you!

Say: "Jibna!"  [Arabic for "cheese"!]


Elizabeth Ann helps dancers achieve more interesting action poses before the camera. (This photo was taken by Elizabeth Ann's very good friend, Desert Winds member, and Vice President of ISAMETD: Lynn Ciurej.)