Elizabeth Ann is currently engaged in academic reseach concerning the developement and evolution of old west and American cancan dance. Her endeavers have taken her to such cancan historical places and notable current day dance venues as Virginia City, Nevada;  Branson, Missouri; Maggie Valley, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; New York City, New York; San Fransciso, California; Orlando, Florida;  Old Tuscon and Toomstone, Arizona.

Elizabeth Ann first became intersted in cancan when she and her husband visited Virginia City, Nevada some years ago. She found that the dance moves were strangely familiar and then realized that her Rom, Oriental, and Latin dance experince had much to do with the easy transition. From there she began to research the specific building blocks and migration of the dances and found a relationship of all of them to each other. An article is in the works for publication in Zaghareet magazine concerning her research findings.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Ann has taught workshops on the subject of American Cancan and Cancan Belly Dance.